Dear former minority shareholder of Aktsiaselts Eesti Telekom

In 2010 Telia Company AB took over the shares of the minority shareholders of Aktsiaselts Eesti Telekom. During the court proceedings following the referred take-over the court decided that a fair compensation for the shares should have been 0,64 Euros (64 Euro cents) per share higher. Former minority shareholders, who were in the list of shareholders of Aktsiaselts Eesti Telekom as of 12.01.2010 at 11:00, may present their claims against Telia Company AB.
Telia Company AB has nominated Ellex Raidla law firm as its representative to receive and review the applications from former minority shareholders and to respond to the received applications within reasonable time. We kindly request the former minority shareholders to present their applications and questions regarding the procedure for applying for compensation to an e-mail address . To make the process simpler and to enable easier systemisation of documents we kindly ask you to write to the subject line of the e-mail the applicant’s name and personal identification code, in case of a legal person the name and registration code and to digitally sign the application. If sending the documents via e-mail is not possible we kindly request you to forward the documents to the offices of Raidla Ellex law firm at Roosikrantsi 2, 10119 Tallinn.
Following the receipt of the application we specify to each applicant via e-mail, which information and documents are needed to review the application. If the application is sent to the offices of the law firm by means of regular mail, then please specify in your application the e-mail address to which we can forward our reply and additional information.
For the sake of clarity we specify that on 28 April 2015 the Harju County Court made a decision in the civil matter No 2-10-2551 declaring in the conclusion the following:
1. To partially accept the application.
2. To accept the claim of the applicants to declare the size of the compensation to the shareholders of aktsiaselts Eesti Telekom. To declare that the fair compensation to the persons who were in the list of shareholders of aktsiaselts Eesti Telekom as of 12.01.2010 at 11:00 was 6,59 Euros (six Euros and 59 cents). Taking into account that the minority shareholders have been paid a compensation for the share of aktsiaselts Eesti Telekom (93 kroons) 5,94 euros, the additional compensation to the minority shareholders is 0,64 Euros (64 cents) per share.
3. To not accept the claim of the applicants to order the payment of the additional compensation and interest to the minority shareholders of aktsiaselts Eesti Telekom determined in this civil matter.
4. To deliver the court ruling to the contractual representatives of the applicants and to the person concerned.
During the following proceedings the courts left the conclusion of the court ruling unchanged and the court ruling took effect at the end of November 2016.