Ellex Klavins hosting Thematic Breakfast “The Use of Mediation for Business Interests”

Selection of a dispute resolution method is a crucial decision in the modern and dynamic business environment, and it is usually based on risk analysis and expenses. Mediation has been traditionally offered as an alternative for the lengthy and costly judicial proceedings; however, saving of time and expenses in not the only advantage of mediation.
While attendants enjoy the morning coffee, Baiba Orbidāne, Associate of Ellex Klavins, will introduce them with the following topics:
  • Mediation clause in contracts and its effects;
  • Risk analysis when choosing a dispute resolution method;
  • Benefits of mediation in business;
  • Practical examples;
  • Significant aspects of judicial procedure.
Baiba Orbidāne, Associate and Daiga Zivtiņa, Partner of Ellex Klavins and Head of Dispute Resolution Practice, will share their mediation experience and take part in the discussions.
The event will take place on the 3rd February 2016, at the premises of Law Firm Ellex Klavins.