Ellex Raidla and Primus Merge to Create Largest Estonian Law Firm, Strengthening Ellex’s Position as the Largest Firm across the Baltics

Ellex Raidla and Primus will merge on January 1, 2018 to form the largest law firm in Estonia and the largest firm throughout the Baltic region. The newly merged firm will continue under the name Ellex Raidla increasing the number of lawyers to 60. After the merger, Ellex Raidla´s different practice areas will be managed by 12 partners: Gerli Kilusk, Anton Sigal and Ermo Kosk from Primus and nine current Ellex Raidla partners. Furthermore, through the merger in Estonia, Ellex will consolidate its position as the largest law firm across the Baltics –  increasing its headcount to 211 lawyers.
According to Ants Nõmper, the Managing Partner of Ellex Raidla, the merger is great news for clients and creates a law firm with strong support structures and in-depth knowledge across all areas of business law and genuine reach across the Baltic region and beyond.
“The decision to merge was based on a common vision to business development and customer service. Rankings show that both law firms – Ellex Raidla and Primus – are already undoubtedly the leading law firms in Estonia. Our organisational cultures are also very similar: each and every client project has always hands-on partner inclusion. Excellence is not just a slogan for us: we are working very hard to exceed our client´s expectations,” explained Nõmper.
Nõmper says that, Primus, in addition to very high quality services, is also clearly distinguishable by superb financial performance among the new generation law firms in Estonia. “It's the only new generation law firm that has managed to break into the top 5 law firms in Estonia,” adds Nõmper.
Primus partner, Gerli Kilusk, confirms that Ellex Raidla was the only merger partner for her firm. “Quality and professionalism are highly prioritised by both firms. We are constantly thinking how to be more efficient in our operations, how to be closer to our clients, how to grow our firm even further, and how to exceed even the western market standards in our client service,” explains Kilusk.
According to Kilusk, the great synergy of the firms is also supported by the fact that the client base of two offices includes more than half of the top hundred largest companies operating in Estonia. “Our workload and client base is constantly growing, and due to our rapid growth in recent years, we had reached the point where we had to make a strategic decision whether to continue the path of organic growth or to find other opportunities in our development. Therefore, it was time for us to choose, how to develop our administrative functions in such a way that we are able to maintain our close relations with our clients at the same time. Ellex Raidla's strong brand, efficient management model, very structured support functions and strong pan-Baltic cooperation within Ellex are absolutely ideal solutions for us, which allow our team to continue working with our clients with the same level of thoroughness,” asserts Kilusk.
The partnership of Ellex Raidla in Estonia, as of January 1, 2018 will comprise Senior Partner Jüri Raidla, Board Members Ants Nõmper, Gerli Kilusk, Toomas Vaher and Martin Triipan as well as Partners responsible for different practice areas: Sven Papp, Ermo Kosk, Risto Vahimets, Raino Paron, Arne Ots, Anton Sigal and Martin Käerdi.
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PHOTO: from left – Ants Nõmper (managing Partner of Ellex Raidla), Gerli Kilusk (Primus Partner), Ermo Kosk (Primus Partner), Jüri Raidla (Ellex Raidla Senior Partner), Anton Sigal (Primus Partner)
Ellex Raidla, a member of Ellex – a circle of the three most highly-ranked Baltic law firms – is the leading law firm in Estonia, established in 1993. The firm has been involved in nearly all of the major M&A and financing transactions as well as landmark disputes that have taken place in Estonia. In recent years. New areas, such as biotechnology, start-up/venture capital, cyber defence and FinTech, have been developed to provide legal advice to our clients in areas that are developing globally very rapidly. The firm's lawyers are very active in legislative drafting and have participated in the drafting of more than 40 laws in Estonia. Ellex Raidla is the only law firm in Estonia that has been selected by the Financial Times as one of the 50 most innovative law firms in Europe. www.ellex.ee