Eneken Tikk, a Counsel at Ellex Raidla, Participated at a Roundtable on Cyber Security Hosted by the Estonian Banking Association

On June 4th, a roundtable organized by the Banking Association of Commercial Banks was attended by Tiit Hallas, the Head of Cyber Security at LHV, Margus Arm, an eID Domain Manager at Estonian Information System Authority, Merle Maigre, an Executive Vice President for CybExer Technologies, Eneken Tikk, a Counsel at Ellex Raidla and a Senior Researcher of the Department of Software Sciences at Taltech as well as Toomas Vaks, a Cyber Risk Manager.
Eneken Tikk pointed out that perhaps a gap is forming between the image of e-Estonia and the actual involvement and awareness of the groups of society as well as efficiency of IT solutions. Tikk notes that in its view the probable reason for division is political emphasis, which is affected by 2007 cyber-attacks on Estonia, on defense and security objectives, leaving social and economic interests behind.
“It was not until last year, when the National Audit Office arrived at the conclusion that municipalities' information security related awareness is almost non-existent. In order to reduce the digital divide in society, it would definitely be necessary to deal more with education of groups of society and the institutions that are less knowledgeable about the topic,” commented Tikk.