Public Lecture series in cooperation with Riga Graduate School of Law | Season I

We are pleased to announce the third public lecture in the lecture series made in cooperation with Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) on March 6 at 16:00 at the RGSL on Strēlnieku 4k-2.
During the 2018/2019 academic year, RGSL are hosting events where distinguished academics and industry experts are presenting topics of importance to our society and industry. These events will present a unique opportunity to engage with key influencers, experts and officials on today`s critical issues that not only have a direct impact on day to day lives but also globally.
The third lecture will be presented by Professor Joseph Weiler themed “Judicial Review in the Contemporary World – from Democracy to Identity”.  
J.H.H. Weiler is University Professor at NYU Law School and Senior Fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard. Until recently he served as President of the European University Institute, Florence. Previously he served as Manley Hudson Professor of International Law at Harvard Law School. Prof. Weiler is Editor-in-Chief of the "European Journal of International Law" (EJIL) and the "International Journal of Constitutional Law" (ICON).
The lecture will be held in English. Places are limited. Please register here.
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