Seminar: Practical aspects of debt recovery

In late May clients were treated to seminar “Practical Aspects of Debt Recovery”
Majority of entrepreneurs face issues concerning occurrence and recovery of debts on daily basis. Therefore, based on experience accumulated in practical work, we offered a seminar to clients during which various options of debt recovery were reviewed. Issues relating to preventive measures to ensure efficiency of out-of-court debt recovery and collection of debts through court, as well as within the scope of insolvency proceedings were analysed and discussed. The purpose of the seminar was to introduce its participants to legal framework of the debt recovery as well as provide a hands-on advice on various possibilities to protect interests of business people either before the debt has occurred or during the process of debt recovery.
The seminar was run by Irina Kostina and Jevgēnijs Salims, attorneys-at-law practicing at Law Firm Ellex Klavins.