Successful representation of BLRT in the media dispute against Anastassia Kovalenko

BLRT’s court dispute against Anastassia Kovalenko regarding the correctness of factual allegations published in her master’s thesis and interview took a new turn in the circuit court. Namely, the court decided to order Kovalenko to refute the factual allegations.
The case began in autumn 2017 when BLRT filed an action with the court because the company found that Anastassia Kovalenko’s master’s thesis and the interview given to radio show “Delovoje ljudi” contained incorrect claims and statements.
On 26 October, Tallinn Circuit Court decided to annul Harju County Court’s initial judgment in part and partially satisfy the claims. This means that Kovalenko needs to refute allegations about BLRT’s annual reporting in the newspaper Äripäev, the publications of Delovõje Vedomost as well as on the University of Tartu’s website for master’s theses.
BLRT was represented by Ellex Raidla’s Partner Ants Nõmper and Senior Associate Martin Raude.