We wish you peace and joy this holiday season and meaningful leadership throughout 2021!

Dear All,
Ellex Valiunas wish you peace and joy this holiday season and meaningful leadership throughout 2021!
This year was a year when we wanted and thanks to you we were able to create even more good things. Not only our clients’ interests but also the interests of the state and the general public were especially important to us, therefore, we devoted almost 2000 hours of our best professionals work for pro bono legal activities.
Here our team was photographed celebrating 2020 when we didn’t know or foresee what awaited us in the new year. And just a few months later, in spring, together with like-minded partners, we were combating the coronavirus in the Healthcare Institutions Charity Fund DRAUGE ĮVEIKSIM, in which thanks to all of you more than EUR 732 thousand were collected for the acquisition of the equipment in short supply. We mobilized our resources for the collection of charity and distribution of the equipment. Together with foreign business partners, we searched for the necessary medical equipment in other countries. Combating the virus is now carried out by state institutions, so the Fund will actively pursue its activity and will continue its primary mission – to help sick children. Meanwhile, we remain fully committed to supporting this fund and in keeping with the tradition, we extend support on behalf of our clients this Christmas.
This year, free legal consultations have been provided to almost 5,000 socially vulnerable persons in the LEGAL CLINIC founded jointly with Vilnius University, including consultations in a distant way, too. We have been engaged in this practice for already 18 years and we are going to continue this tradition next year, too. After all, as a society, we are as strong as our helping hand.
Art has always helped go back to human values, be aware of your history and discover the world. Thus the Lithuanian art center TARTLE, supported by Ellex Valiunas, opened for the general public one of the biggest private collections in Central and Eastern Europe. The target of the art center is to foster, collect and bring back to the homeland the Lithuanian cultural and historical heritage scattered all over the world, and – what is most important – to make it available to the general public. Thousands of visitors had a chance to get to know our cultural roots and get acquainted with works of art marking Lithuania’s history collected for 25 years.
Together with business and governmental institutions, we have sought smart solutions, raised discussion questions and provided proposals to the business associations Investors’ Forum, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and others as to how business can cope with the challenges posed by the pandemic and how to ensure Lithuania’s investment environment as leading in the European Union.
This is only a part of our social responsibility projects. We remain committed to continuing our social responsibility leadership next year, too. Thank you for inspiring these endeavors and for joining us to make our country better.
With warmest wishes, very sincerely Yours,
Ellex Valiunas