Careers at Ellex

Ready to launch your career and make your mark on the legal galaxy? Join Ellex's solar system of renowned professionals.

A market-leading firm with an international focus

At Ellex, you have the opportunity to work with famous brands and household names — supporting them in lift-off and rocketing their path to continued success.

Your launchpad to success

One person alone cannot build a rocket and reach the stars. It takes a team. A team of dedicated, passionate professionals who want to succeed as one. Are you ready to join Ellex’s ranks and send your career prospects into orbit?

Learn from the best

Learn from an international collective of legal professionals who want to see you succeed. Whether it’s one on one discussions, feedback or general advice, benefit from a culture that values consistent personal and professional development.

Grow as one

Reaching the stars takes trust, expertise and — vitally — teamwork. At Ellex, you’ll work in a collaborative environment where trust comes first and results follow. Join us on a voyage to client success and grow together with like-minded colleagues.

Calling all law students. Want to join Ellex?

If you want to skyrocket your career and reach the equivalent of professional outer space, then we want to hear from you. The Ellex team will guide and support your career, making sure you’re ready to tackle any challenge thrown at you. Through hands-on experience and learnings from leading legal experts, you’ll soon have the requirements to captain your own rocket to space.