After two decades, Ellex Valiunas relocates to new premises

In an exciting development, the law firm Ellex Valiunas will move to the newly constructed Jasinskio 2 business center in Vilnius, which is scheduled to open its doors in the second quarter of 2025. As the primary tenant, the firm will occupy half of the building’s space, encompassing the three upper floors of the business center, complete with an impressive-sized terrace that offers a unique view of the forthcoming House of Nation.

This move to the building will generate 200 job spaces. Presently, Ellex Valiunas boasts a team of 112 lawyers and a half dozen administrative staff, making it the largest law firm in Lithuania and the Baltic States.

The business center, situated on the Jasinskio Str., is a project spearheaded by Eika Development. It is adjacent to Tauras Mountain, a renowned landmark for residents and visitors. The new business center enjoys a historically significant location within the capital. In the past, this site served as a vital route known as Dainavos-Pakalnės-Sierakausko Street, one of the principal thoroughfares leading to Vilnius.

Reflecting on the decision, the firm’s managing partner, Rolandas Valiūnas, expressed, “For over 30 years, our firm has been rooted in the Old Town, with a 20-year tenure at Jogailos Street 9. The prospect of transitioning seamlessly from our office into the bustling heart of the capital is familiar to our employees and clients. We were consistent about staying within the historic part of Vilnius, and we are pleased that Eika recognized the potential of the Jasinskio 2 project location. Our commitment to this new office is long-term, and we ensure that the developer’s solutions align with our future needs. The decisions made here will guarantee working conditions that rival the best international law firms, placing us at the forefront of our segment in Lithuania.”

Undoubtedly, anyone who has visited the firm’s longstanding office premises at Jogailos Street 9 will recall the indelible impression left by the unique architecture dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The authenticity of the exterior and interior elements, including facades, decorative motifs, ornate moldings, and regal stoves, exudes the classical charm of the Old Town—a rarity in today’s urban landscape.

For two decades, this location has been synonymous with the timeless values and unparalleled quality that Ellex Valiunas provides its clients. Opting to continue providing services in a modern business center, the law firm’s partners underscore their commitment to strengthening their focus on the best quality and innovative legal services for tomorrow.

The Jasinskio 2 building is poised to become a new landmark in Vilnius, seamlessly bridging the historical significance of its location with the bright future ahead for the law firm and its clients.

Negotiations on the lease of premises were conducted by the firm's partners Dr. Olga Petroševičienė and Dovilė Stančikaitė.

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