Understanding AI Regulation: Insights from Hegle Pärna and Merlin Liis-Toomela

Hegle Pärna, lawyer at Ellex in Estonia, and Merlin Liis-Toomela, attorney-at-law, explain the various nuances of the AI Regulation in a series of articles that will help you understand the content of this complex piece of legislation.

The first article discusses the aims and importance of the EU AI Regulation. The AI Regulation is the first comprehensive legal framework on AI that addresses the risks associated with AI. The AI Regulation can also be seen as part of a package of ‘EU digital rules’, which includes existing legislation already adopted and in force. The aim of the Regulation is to ensure that AI systems on the EU market are safe and innovative, while respecting fundamental human rights and the protection of personal data. The Regulation will also apply to AI providers operating outside the EU when they sell or offer their systems in the EU.

The second article focuses on data security. Data is the fuel for the development of an artificial intelligence model, where the main concern is data privacy. The AI Regulation sets out several restrictions on the collection and use of data, as well as helping to reduce data protection risks and setting obligations for model developers and users.

The third article discusses the importance of human supervision to help create bulletproof artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence models can, for example, help us to choose a birthday gift, but in some crucial situations there can be real harm if the model makes a wrong decision and there is no human connection. The AI Regulation calls for human supervision to ensure transparency and security of decisions. Human-in-the-loop (HITL) systems, where humans are part of the decision-making process, help to mitigate risks and ensure safety.

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