Launch of the educational video project – Art Restoration in the Museum

Art Restoration in the Museum is a new educational project that has been launched to introduce to the general public various aspects of artwork storage, conservation and restoration. The project was created by Ellex Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMM) and continues the series that was started in 2017 with the initiatives of the Story of a Painting and the Story of a Photographer.

Starting from today, eight new video series of Art Restoration in the Museum will be available on the LNMM mobile app (as a new route for visitors). The series will also be published on the internet news portal DELFI as well as on LNMM and Ellex Klavins YouTube channels, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts.
Art Restoration in the Museum examines the role of restoration in the museum artwork, ethical considerations faced by restorers of graphics, paintings and sculptures, the specifics of storing and preserving works created in experimental techniques, as well as other issues related to art restoration. Each video episode covers a topic that is essentially linked to certain works in the permanent exhibition of the main building of LNMM and provides additional information about those works of art as well.
This project is a great example of successful collaboration between professionals from various disciplines and answers the questions that museum visitors most often ask the exhibitors and curators of educational programs, while allowing visitors to gain an insight into the invisible part of the museum’s work.
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