Aušra Survilienė joins Ellex to build traditions of wealth management

Law firm Ellex Valiunas (Ellex in Lithuania) expands its private client advisory services – Aušra Survilienė, a wealth management professional with more than 20 years of experience in private banking, has joined the team. With this joining, the law firm responds to the needs of its clients to move from private legal advice to sustainable succession planning.

A. Survilienė joins the firm as the head of the Family Office. Together with the team, she will expand the services to the financial well-being of family planning through law, business, and wealth continuity.

“The reorientation of private client services away from traditional legal services is a natural response to the needs of our clients,” says Rolandas Valiūnas, Managing Partner of Ellex Valiunas. According to him, the nature of private client advice has evolved to a strategic level: clients expect not only legal expertise, but a holistic approach to wealth planning.

Valiūnas describes Survilienė’s joining the law firm’s team of strategists is a strong step ahead in developing wealth management traditions: “We have exciting projects planned, which will undoubtedly be valuable due to the team’s exceptional synergy. With the wealth management competencies, more than a hundred specialised legal advisors and analytical expertise, we will focus on the next generation of wealth management”.

Survilienė worked at SEB Bank for more than 20 years and headed the private banking and investment department. She was responsible for fostering long-term relationships with the bank’s key clients, expanding the bank’s offers and the expertise of the team.

The traditions of family offices around the world are centuries old and inspire us to transfer the best practices to Lithuania. When observing the context of three decades of private ownership, it is obvious that our clients are ready for such an experience,” says Survilienė. – At the same time, for the country’s largest businessmen, this is a topic that has not yet been strongly explored, as the traditions of succession in Lithuania are just emerging. With the team led by Valiūnas, we are committed to creating and putting such traditions into practice.

“I do not doubt that our 30+ years of expertise and foresight is something that private clients can rely on to create family succession traditions,” believes R. Valiūnas.

Ellex Valiunas is part of Ellex, the largest and leading business law firm in the Baltics. With more than 100 lawyers in Lithuania, in the Baltics it unties over 200, including 49 partners. Together with the business support team the circle has over 270 employees in the three countries.