Clients think Ellex are unrivalled by legal competences in Lithuania

An annual independent survey of law firms Prospera Tier 1 Law Firm Review by the Swedish company Kantar has shown that, in the clients’ opinion, the law firm Ellex Valiunas in Lithuania enjoys a leading law firm’s position by both best legal performance and overall performance.

Prospera Tier 1 Law Firm Review survey rated the largest law firms in the Baltics and separately in each country by two indicators: Overall Performance and Legal Competence

This survey was based on a poll of 100 clients of the largest Lithuanian law firms. The respondents rated law firms against sixteen criteria and ranked the Ellex Valiunas team in the top positions by Overall Performance and Legal Competence. In the Overall Performance category, Ellex shares the rating with COBALT and TGS Baltic.

Ramūnas Petravičius, partner of Ellex Valiunas, responsible for the management of client best practice, emphasises that undoubtedly the pandemic has triggered the need of the top legal competence in which Ellex is an absolute leader. “This year, we, lawyers, can hear from a business that “legal competences are more important than ever before”. With its increasing significance, this year it has been the most important need of clients. We are glad to hear that. There is much dynamics in the business environment, so I think clients understand that in emergency situations certainty is needed which can be provided only by top professional excellence.”

Client opinion survey results annually become for law firms a tool to assess business clients’ needs and the quality of services provided to them. “We are grateful to clients for their time to participate in the survey. As every year, taking into account the expressed opinion, we will actively improve the areas where clients want even more attention from lawyers”, Petravičius says.

Companies operating in Lithuania particularly value the professional expertise of the Ellex Valiunas team in the following legal areas:

“We are happy about the clients’ rating for legal competence which shows effective management of our partners. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each Ellex member for all of us together making such a successful team,” Petravičius says.

This year, Prospera Tier 1 Law Firm Review survey by Kantar was based on a poll of 100 business representatives operating in Lithuania, including Ellex clients. Answers to the questions of the survey company were anonymously provided from August to October. The survey involved clients of the law firms Ellex Valiunas, Cobalt, Motieka & Audzevičius, Sorainen, TGS Baltic, and Walless.