Ellex in Latvia and Lithuania become members of the Association of European Lawyers

Ellex in Latvia and Lithuania have joined the Association of European Lawyers (AEL), which offers a broad range of legal services for business, with high standards of care and efficiency.

Ellex in Estonia has been a member of the association since 2016, when partner Risto Vahimets joined the Ellex team. Risto has participated in the association since 1995 and has been on its board for 12 years.

Raimonds Slaidins, senior partner at Ellex in Latvia comments on all Ellex offices joining the association: ‘’We are delighted to join AEL as it enhances the quality of our services and broadens our visibility within the European legal market. We are always open to new opportunities that make our services more accessible to clients.‘’

The Association of European Lawyers was founded in 1988 with the object of providing readily available expert legal services across Europe. With 38 member firms, all well known in their respective countries, AEL offers legal services in every European commercial and industrial centre.

Ellex in the Baltics also are members of such associations as International Bar Association, LexMundi, World Services Group, Energy Law Group, Employment Law Alliance, First Law International.