Ellex in Latvia supports the production of the films “Lovable” and “Sisters in Longing”

On September 21, 2022, the new feature film “Lovable” by director Stanislavs Tokalovs premiered.

The film features a young man, who has trouble forming relationships and becomes more responsive and sensitive when he must take care of a little girl.

Some of the film scenes were filmed in the office premises of Ellex in Latvia. We are delighted for the opportunity to be involved in the film making process and invite everyone to watch the film!

Ellex in Latvia has supported art and culture initiatives since the firm was founded. Recently, for example, we have also provided pro-bono legal services for the 2022 documentary film “Sisters in Longing”, directed by Elita Kļaviņa. The film features women, who are bonded by their pain, longing, and their current residence – a semi-open prison for women. While staging Anton Chekhov’s play, Three Sisters, together with professional actors, imprisoned women reveal their harrowing life-stories, dreams and the longing for a decent life outside the prison walls.