Ellex in Estonia received the Remote Work Badge

On June 11, the recipients of the Remote Work Badge were announced. Ellex law firm in Estonia was among the companies that received the badge.

For the fourth year, Elisa, the Smart Work Association and the Estonian Personnel Management Association PARE are handing out the badge as a recognition to companies that implement modern ways of working.
“These companies are an important part of the Estonian telework culture and its development. Most of this year’s candidates predict that the share of telework in their organization will increase, which means exciting times and continuous changes in our work habits and behaviors,” said Ave Laas, the head of the Smart Work Association.
Although flexible working hours is not something new for us, the past few months have really shown that Ellex law firm in Estonia has created great opportunities for its employees to work outside the office and that our teamwork goes smoothly even when working remotely.
We believe that remote working is not just a temporary solution and plays a huge role in increasing environmental sustainability and social mobility. The environment in which companies operate today is changing very rapidly. In order to keep pace with change, we will continue to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet the challenges of new ways of working.
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