Ellex Raidla’s Tax Counsel Dmitri Rozenblat appointed as a member of the Advisory Commission on cross-border tax disputes

From 1 July 2019, a new EU-wide system to resolve tax disputes between Member States applies to ensure quicker and more effective resolution of tax disputes.
Under the new mechanism, the tax authority will be required to settle a dispute on the application of double taxation treaties first within a two-year period through a mutual agreement procedure. If no solution has been found at the end of the set time limit, the taxpayer can request the setting up of an Advisory Commission to deliver an opinion.
This Advisory Commission will be comprised of three independent members appointed by the Member States concerned and representatives of the competent authorities in question.
We are very proud to announce that Dmitri Rozenblat, Tax Counsel at Ellex Raidla, has been appointed as an independent member of the Advisory Commission.
Read more about the tax dispute resolution system HERE.