Donatas Murauskas, Dr.



Donatas Murauskas
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Dr. Donatas Murauskas is a litigation lawyer experienced in administrative courts and international tribunals. Acting as the head of the Representation Division of the Lithuanian Government to the European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Committee he had been working with exceptional Lithuanian cases on issues including property rights, the right to a fair trial, the right to privacy and freedom of expression. He clerked at the Supreme Administrative Court in cases that involved difficult issues resolved by an extended panel of judges.

Dr. Murauskas is also lecturing on law & economics, issues of jurisprudence and protection of human rights in practice at Vilnius University.


Vilnius University

Master of Laws


Bologna University (Italy)

Master in Law and Economics


Hamburg University (Germany)

European Master in Law and Economics (LL.M)


Roterdam University (the Netherlands)

European Master in Law and Economics (LL.M)


Vilnius University

Ph.D. in Law


Wake Forest University Law School (USA)

Fulbright Research Scholar

Since 2018

The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Young Academy

Member, Chairman (2019)