Russia’s war in Ukraine: a review of legal acts relevant to business

Ellex in Lithuania reviews the latest legal acts that are relevant to businesses impacted by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Here’s a summary of what you’ll find:

  • The 11th package of sanctions from the European Union, which further tightens the existing prohibitions. These measures include restrictions on selling, licensing, or transferring intellectual property rights and trade secrets related to sanctioned items.
  • The NATO summit in Vilnius, where the Alliance clarified its position on Ukraine’s potential membership in NATO.
  • Recent developments in Russia and Belarus concerning businesses. Russia has continued to limit the ability of businesses to exit the country. They have implemented legislation that affects the process of standard or simplified liquidation under the counter-sanctions regime. Additionally, the application of double taxation avoidance agreements with “unfriendly” countries has been restricted.

Full review is here.

In Lithuanian – here.

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