The Law Firms Ellex Klavins and GLIMSTEDT & Partners are set to merge in Latvia

The merger of Latvian law firms Ellex Klavins and GLIMSTEDT & Partners will comprise complete teams of both firms and will operate under the name Ellex Klavins. This will help us provide clients with the additional competence, efficiency and professional expertise stemming from the special strengths of each law firm. As of February 1, the Baltic team of Ellex in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia will have 278 staff.  This merger is part of the continuous effort by Ellex to consolidate its leading positions in the Baltic legal market.
Founded 25 years ago, Ellex Klavins has developed as the most seasoned legal adviser to foreign investors in Latvia. During the 15 years of its operation, GLIMSTEDT has become a law firm boasting exceptional experience in corporate law and financing matters for Latvian companies.
Through the merger Ellex Klavins will considerably strengthen several specialised practices, where all of the leading lawyers of both firms will now share and complement their experience. The key areas of expertise for the firm are:
• Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions (M&A),
• Banking and finance,
• Dispute resolution,
• EU and competition law,
• Restructuring,
• Real estate and construction,
• Labour law,
• Commercial law and compliance,
• Tax matters,
• Intellectual property and technologies.
In Latvia the newly merged law firm Ellex Klavins will comprise 60 staff (47 legal professionals and 13 administrative professionals). In the Lithuanian office – Ellex Valiunas – 165 staff, of which 95 are legal professionals, and in the Estonian office – Ellex Raidla – 53 staff, 40 of which are legal professionals.
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Ellex Klavins is one of the most experienced law firms in Latvia. The law firm was founded in 1992 under the name Klavins & Slaidins. Ellex Klavins is the exclusive Latvian member of the leading international association of independent law firms Lex Mundi. In late 2016 the Ellex circle of Baltic Law Firms was awarded the prestigious MergerMarket European award as the law firm of the year 2016 in the M&A segment for the Baltic States.
For more than 15 years, the law firm GLIMSTEDT & partners has provided legal counsel to local and international clients in Latvia (the law firm was founded in 2001). The law firm’s expertise ranges from providing advice in business regulatory matters to representing clients in finance and merger and restructuring transactions, real estate and construction, among other matters. GLIMSTEDT has successfully represented its clients in complicated litigation and arbitration proceedings.
*The merger is scheduled to occur as of 1st February 2017 in line with legal provisions governing the bar by obtaining, among other, a relevant approval from the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates.