Antti Perli becomes partner at Ellex in Estonia

Ellex in Estonia welcomes its new partner Antti Perli who specialises in advising venture capital funds and tech companies.

Antti Perli’s experience with venture and private capital covers hundreds of investment transactions representing both the investors as well as target companies. He has participated in establishing several business accelerators, drafting the Estonian regulation for limited partnership funds and drafting other legislation relating to technology companies, including amendments to the Commercial Code relating to start-up companies and amendments to the taxation of share options.

Antti says that as a partner he aims to ensure that Ellex provides the best opportunities for learning and applying world class legal practice in the field of start-up companies and venture capital. “We have worked with global start-up companies and venture capital investors for more than 10 years and our aim has always been to bring the best pieces of world practice into Estonia. One success story is, for example, the model documents for Startup Estonia,” explained Perli. “My first objective as a partner at Ellex is to expand our team and use technology to a greater extent so that our people can dedicate more time to learning new things,” said Antti.

Antti also wants Estonia to be the best place to establish technology companies and attract foreign investments. “We want to be the state’s partner in developing a legal environment where alongside risk mitigation, creating new opportunities is equally important. Estonia is competing with the rest of the world also with its legal environment. Risk mitigation has to have a precise aim – each regulation needs to address the problem so that entrepreneurship is not excessively restricted. The development of such competitive regulation requires significant resources, and we are definitely ready to work with the state on this,” noted Antti.

Antti graduated cum laude from master’s studies in law at the University of Tartu, he is the main author of Estonian model documents for venture capital investments and start-up companies and a member of the board of the Estonian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EstVCA).

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