Gerd Laub will join the Ellex transactions team in Estonia as counsel

Financial law expert Gerd Laub joined Ellex in Estonia transaction team from November 1, 2022.

Gerd has worked more than 20 years both with established financial institutions as well as with fintech companies. He held different leading positions in the legal division of SEB Group in Estonia and served also as the Head of Compliance in the group. Gerd has also worked at Funderbeam, an international trading platform, as the Chief Legal Officer focusing primarily on investment firm and recognised market operator authorisations received from the FCA in the UK and the MAS in Singapore. As the most recent experience, he coordinated the legal and compliance matters at Single.Earth, a crypto/nature start-up company aiming to build a virtual currency pegged to ecosystem services.

During the years, Gerd has been active academically teaching law students the legal side of capital markets at the University of Tartu.

According to Gerd, joining Ellex gives him a great opportunity to support the success of both large financial institutions and start-up fintech projects with his experience and knowledge. “Ellex Raidla law firm provides high-level legal assistance and it is a great honor for me to join the firm”.

According to Antti Perli, Ellex Raidla’s partner for venture capital and technology companies, Gerd has a somewhat unique position in the law firm’s team. “After all, we are in the business of helping people by solving their legal concerns. As in life generally, you can help a person best if you put yourself in their shoes and try to understand as precisely as possible what they need. For most of his professional life, Gerd has worked inside the sector, as if on the client’s side, and in addition to his unique wealth of knowledge, he also has a very good sense of how to give advice that is truly valuable.”

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