Norrsken and Superangel invest in a unique sustainable investment platform Grünfin

Ellex law firm in Estonia advised Norrsken and Superangel on the investment to Estonian start-up Grünfin, a new investment platform focusing on sustainable, positive investments.

Grünfin’s mission is to make sustainable investment easy and accessible so that people’s personal assets can help create a better world. At the same time, Grünfin wants to refute the notion that the return on investment must be sacrificed in the name of sustainability.

Studies show that shifting savings to sustainable assets can have a more than 20x impact on your carbon footprint than giving up flying, becoming a vegetarian, and moving to a renewable energy provider combined.

Sustainable investment is an effective but little-known way to reduce your environmental footprint. Studies in the United Kingdom and Sweden suggest that channeling savings into sustainable assets affects our footprint more than twenty times more than many other consumption options – such as reducing air travel, vegetarianism and the transition to green energy.

Grünfin provides an opportunity to invest in the world’s best sustainable funds. The funds are selected on the basis of the greatest impact, taking into account, inter alia, performance and costs, and taking into account the principles of responsibility, ie ESG (environment, social impact, governance) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Grünfin encourages long-term investments and builds a portfolio based on values ​​that are important to people – environment, reducing social inequalities and health.

The €2 million funding round was led by Norrsken VC, one of Europe’s largest impact tech funds founded by Klarna co-founder Niklas Adalberth. In addition, Superangel, Lemonade Stand and a number of talented angel investors that helped to build Wise, Pipedrive, Skype and Wire participated in the funding round.

Ellex team who advised Norrsken and Superangel on the investment included Antti Perli, Priit Pruks, Hanna Pahk, Merlin Liis-Toomela and Anneli Krunks.

Norrsken VC is an impact VC fund based in Stockholm, Sweden. The firm is investing in start-ups solving the problems while building massive businesses.

Superangel is a venture capital firm and angel group based in Tallinn, Estonia. The firm makes early-stage investments from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.

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