Superangel invests in ROCSYS

ROCSYS raises seed investment from Superangel to commercialize its EV charging automation solutions.

Founded by a highly experienced entrepreneurial team, ROCSYS addresses the growing need for automation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. As the automotive world steadily moves towards self-parking and self-driving, charging automation becomes inevitable. ROCSYS’ patented solutions help charging infrastructure operators to optimize utilization of their assets and run business critical operations with EVs.

ROCSYS’ innovative soft robotics technology allows for safe and cost-efficient automation of the EV charging connection. This enables fully unmanned charging operations. Its solutions can support an automated charge up to 350kW, allowing an electric vehicle to be automatically charged in under 15 minutes. Combined with ROCSYS’ remote services, support, and API integration, operators can achieve unprecedented performance and ROI with their charging infrastructure and electric vehicle assets, while simultaneously getting prepared for the era of self-parking and self-driving.

Ellex Counsel Antti Perli advised Superangel in the seed funding round.

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