Tera Ventures leads the seed funding round to cyber-startup Botguard

Venture capital firm Tera Ventures led the 0.5 million euro seed round round to Estonian cyber-startup BotGuard.

BotGuard raised 0.5 million euros in a seed round led by Estonia’s leading venture capital company, Tera Ventures. The investments were mainly from well-known and established international business angels in the field of cybersecurity, as well as industry experts from Sweden, Israel, the USA, and elsewhere, including Per Björklund, Stefan Lindeberg, and Håkan Saltin.

Stanislav Ivanov, Founding Partner of Tera Ventures, acknowledges that BotGuard solves a globally important problem: “The Internet is playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives and in how societies function, which is why the issue of cybersecurity and information protection is undoubtedly one of the most important questions today. We were impressed by BotGuard’s unique, deep approach to the problem, the strong background and competence of the team, and their understanding of how the field works. I can’t think of any good reason why a website owner wouldn’t use BotGuard today.”

Tera Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Tallinn, Estonia, and focused on exceptional founders from Estonia, Scandinavia, and CEE disrupting digital space globally. Tera builds presence and networks in the markets where our portfolio companies want to expand to – the UK, the US, and Asia. With a presence in Estonia, Finland, and California, Tera Ventures is supported by a global advisory network and provides portfolio companies with access to expertise and hands-on support necessary to grow from seed stage to successful exit.

BotGuard is a start-up company established in Estonia at the end of 2019. It was founded by Denis Prochko, who has twenty years of cybersecurity software development experience, and Nik Rosenberg, who has extensive IT and business experience. In addition to Estonia, the company’s team of nearly 20 members works in Germany, Israel, Georgia, Brazil, and elsewhere.

Tera Ventures was advised by Ellex Counsel Antti Perli.

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