New work group set-up of Foreign Investors‘ Council in Latvia

Foreign Investors‘ Council in Latvia has announced remodelling its work group set-up to highlight topics that are currently most pressing for FICIL members. This is also aligned with the new FICIL Strategy and priority areas that will bring more benefit to the investment environment of Latvia as a whole.

FICIL will now hold 6 main work groups that will work on a regular basis, with additional subgroups that will be called on an ad-hoc basis.

We are proud to announce that one of the work groups and two sub-groups are headed by Ellex in Latvia experts Daiga Zivtina (Court Efficiency & Digitalisation subgroup, Investment Protection work group), Andris Lazdins (Enforcement of Policy sub-group, Shadow Economy Combatting work group) and Irina Kostina (Co-head of Labor force & Requalification work group and leader of Labour Force sub-group).

The main work groups listed below move forward with a set agenda while the sub-groups work as specialised pop-up groups for interested members in specific fields and align their work with their respective main work group.

FICIL established these work groups that would develop solutions to improve the overall investment climate in the country. FICIL members, including the participating chambers of commerce, delegate their representatives to contribute. While working on solutions, the groups follow the work of public bodies, invite and welcome discussions with decision makers. The work group topics arise during Sentiment Index research, FICIL High Council meetings, and/or have been pointed out by various institutions and international organisations as pressing matters for the business environment of Latvia.

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