Specialist VC invests in the defence industry company SensusQ

Ellex law firm in Estonia advised venture capital fund Specialist VC in the secondary investment to the technology company SensusQ.

Specialist VC, known for backing successful ventures like Bolt, Starship, Veriff, and Salv, has made their first investment in the defence industry company SensusQ to help build a global and smart defence industry in Estonia. With the money raised, SensusQ, which has operations in Ukraine, the UK and Estonia, plans to continue its international growth and accelerate product development.

“We focused more on analysing defence-related companies over a year ago. By now, Europe has its eyes on the defence industry. In addition to significantly contributing to our security, the sector also offers interesting opportunities for technology investors, and it makes no sense to overlook it,” says Specialist VC founding partner Riivo Anton. “Other countries are investing billions of euros in defence. Our country may be small, but tech companies are at the top. One of the peculiarities of the SensusQ software product is that it is needed in similar quantities in times of war and peace,” he adds.

SensusQ can synthesise a large amount of different data and sources into comprehensive information. This will make information exchange in military units faster and reduce the failure of intelligence cycles. While currently focused mainly on the defence industry, SensusQ aims to provide a solution for other civilian sectors that work with large amounts of data on a daily basis soon.

Specialist VC was advised by Ellex Counsel Rutt Värk and Lawyer Liis Tava.

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