Martin Käerdi, Dr. iur.



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Dr. iur. Martin Käerdi is a partner and one of Estonia’s leading academics and practitioners handling issues related to civil and commercial law. As the Head of the Division of Private Law in the Ministry of Justice of Estonia, he was responsible for the drafting of a large number of the Estonian civil and commercial laws and implementing relevant EU legislation during the time that Estonia was preparing to join the EU. He is one of the principal authors of most of the core Estonian laws in the areas of civil and commercial law including the Commercial Code, Property Law, Law of Obligations Act (the Estonian Civil Code), and the Bankruptcy Act and Restructuring Act. Martin is also an Associate Professor of civil law at the University of Tartu.

Martin Käerdi assists clients with contract law as well as transactional matters. He is also widely recognised for his academic work. “He has knowledge coming from practice. His interpretations are very useful,” a client says. Interviewees praise his handling of the technical aspects of deals, describing him as an “extremely smart” lawyer.

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University of Freiburg, Germany

Doctor of Law (Dr. iur.)


University of Tartu, Estonia

Master of Laws (LL.M.)


University of Tartu, Estonia

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), officially equivalent to MA


Estonian Bar Association


Ministry of Justice

Member of the Expert Committee of Free Legal Profession and Insolvency Law


Asjaõigusseadus I. Kommenteeritud väljaanne (Law of Property Act I. Commented edition)

Co-author Tallinn: Juura (in Estonian) 2014


Tsiviilõiguse üldosa (General Civil Law)

Co-author Tallinn: Juura (in Estonian) 2012


Tsiviilseadustiku üldosa seadus. kommenteeriud väljaanne (General Part of Civil Code Act. Commented edition)

Co-author Tallinn: Juura (in Estonian) 2011


Lauterkeitsrecht in Europa. Eine Sammlung von Länderberichten zum Recht gegen unlauteren Wettbewerb

Estonian Chapte München: sellier.european law publishers GmbH, 217-235 2011


Regulation of Limitation Periods in Estonian Private Law: Historical Overview and Prospects

Juridica International, 6, 66-77 2001


Lepingud. Näidised ja kommentaarid. (Contracts. Forms and Commentaries - commentaries to the Law of Obligations Act)

Tallinn: Käsiraamatute Kirjastus (in Estonian) 2002


Juridica Abstract, 7, 517-522

Distinguishing Internal and External Relationships in Exercising Rights of Representation.


Võlaõigus I. Üldosa (Law of Obligations I. General Part)

Co-author Tallinn: Juura (in Estonian) 2004


Võlaõigusseadus III. Kommenteeritud väljaanne. (Law of Obligations Act III. Commented edition),

Co-author Tallinn: Juura (in Estonian) 2009


Estonia and the Process Towards New Civil Law: Inspiration, Models and Perspectives

Regional Private Laws and Codification in Europe. UK: Cambridge University Press, 250-259 2003


Võlaõigusseadus II. Kommenteeritud väljaanne (Law of Obligations Act II. Commented edition)

Co-author Tallinn: Juura (in Estonian) 2007


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Brückenschlag zwischen den Rechtskulturen des Ostseeraum. Tübingen: Mohr, 75-88 (in German) 2001


Võlaõigusseadus I. Kommenteeritud väljaanne (Law of Obligations Act I. Commented edition)

Co-author Tallinn: Juura (in Estonian) 2006